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2021-09-21 / FIAMM AVAS for hybrid and electric vehiclesFIAMM AVAS for hybrid and electric vehicles


FIAMM AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) is the innovative pedestrian safety device to be installed on all hybrid and electric vehicles, complies with all the current regulations: EUROPE ...

2020-12-10 / ELETTRA 1938: new corporate structure to focus on innovation and new important development opportunitiesELETTRA 1938: new corporate structure to focus on innovation and new important development opportunities


ELETTRA 1938 (formerly FIAMM) active in the automotive and energy systems for over 80 years, is following the direction of innovation by putting its know-how at the forefront of the evolution that ...

2018-07-14 / Getting ready for Electric Vehicles!Getting ready for Electric Vehicles!


Discover AVAS - The mandatory Alert System that takes care about pedestrians and bikers. 


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Who we are


Born from the all-Italian passion of the Dolcetta family and raised with real values such as integrity, quality, respect for people and the environment, the ELETTRA 1938 Group has factories and offices all over the world.

Experience, a deep knowledge of the product, and the ability to converse with the client are the company’s undisputed prerogatives. Inventiveness, passion, talent, precision are the strengths of its highly qualified human resources. The energy of a healthy Italy. The same energy that made this brand the supplier to the world’s leading car manufacturers, despite remaining deeply linked to its Italian roots. The same one that gave life to a sound and competitive industrial base with a global distribution and commercial network.

A world leader in the market of acoustic signals, with a significant position in all the other sectors in which it operates. Made in Italy for the world; this is ELETTRA 1938.



Elettra 1938 S.p.A
Viale Europa 75 - 36075 - Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)
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