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Discover AVAS - The mandatory Alert System that takes care about pedestrians and bikers. 


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PS10 System

  • Electronic emergency horn for priority vehicles (12V or 24V), with powerful, clean and long-lasting sound, which makes it ideal for continuous service.



  • The PS10 System is composed by the following parts:

          - An electronic module (12V or 24V)

          - A set of FIAMM loudspeakers

          - A connection cable

  • The electronic module of the PS10 System, that has to be chosen according to the country and the priority service performed by the vehicle, has to be combined with one or two loudspeakers (available in 7 versions, that differ in dimensions and power): in case of a light priority vehicle, small loudspeakers - like the models NS, NSC and FS - will be chosen, while in the case of a heavy vehicle bigger loudspeakers - like the models NB and FB - should be preferred. Moreover, the system always envisages the use of a connection cable (the same one for all product codes of the PS10).
   PS10 Comp
  • The PS10 System reproduces every sound emitted by priority vehicles in accordance with the legislation of the different countries in which it can be used. This product is very flexible and can be easily adapted to customer wishes.

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