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951087 - 951088 PS20 FEUER-A (to be used with dedicated compressor)


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PS20 FEUER-A (to be used with dedicated compressor)

FIAMM COMPONENTI ACCESSORI - F.C.A. proposes, for the emergency vehicles, the new PS20 siren with the endurance of an electronic system and the low frequencies sound of a pneumatic system. Through its powerful and directional sound, the priority emergency horn PS20 increases the security of emergency vehicles, enabling their immediate identification even from within modern cars that are well shielded from external noise. The electronic module that guides the PS20 system improves the reliability and clarity of the sound compared to the traditional electropneumatic system. The PS20 system is approved against electromagnetic disturb in conformity to the restrictive standard CEE 2009/19 and ECE Reg.10.

The PS20 FEUER-A, 12 or 24V, with TA/2 DE-B trumpets, has the sound used in Austria by the fire service vehicles. The module is supplied with 3 electrovalves and has to be used with a dedicated compressor.



PS20 FEUER A 3EV  (en)  .pdf - 375 kb2018-02-16
GENERAL CATALOGUE  (en)  .pdf - 28,971 kb 2015-06-18
PRIORITY AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES  (en)  .pdf - 15,227 kb 2015-06-18



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