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FIAMM Componenti Accessori - F.C.A. S.p.A. is designing and producing antennas for the automotive industry.

From the simple passive radio antenna to the most sophisticated function required today.

Most antenna functions required by cars produced since 40 years are covered by FIAMM Componenti Accessori - F.C.A. S.p.A. antenna range.

FIAMM Componenti Accessori - F.C.A. S.p.A. is an OEM supplier to the car industry.

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ELETTRA 1938 S.p.A.
V.le Europa, 75 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italia
Tel: +39 0444 123 8300 - Fax: +39 0444 123 8391- E-Mail: info.acousticdevices@fiammcomponents.comP.IVA/VAT CODE N. IT03857300242
P.IVA/VAT CODE N. IT03857300242

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